Siemens Head Office, Denmark

Going for gold.

A building for the modern age

During the 00’ies the renowned German engineering company, Siemens, decided they needed to modernize their Head Office in Ballerup outside Copenhagen. An overhaul of the existing office building was quickly deemed too expensive, so plans for an entirely new building came into play. In 2014 the new Siemens Head Office was inaugurated, based on all the latest Siemens technology. The large atrium ridgelight solution consists of six rows of VELUX Modular Skylights, which ensures substantial amounts of daylight, resulting in a bright and pleasant space.

Sustainable energy solutions put Siemens in front

“We want to be as energy efficient as possible in the way we work”, says John Finnich Pedersen. The director of communication at Siemens is proud of how the strive for sustainable energy solutions has made the Danish Head Office a beacon within the company.

“Our building is only one of a few that are LEED certified. We have achieved the second highest rating, which is called ‘gold’. With this new office facility Siemens has fulfilled all its demands in terms of how a modern building should work.”

Documenting the daylight effect helped Siemens achieve LEED certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design. According to Lone Feifer, the leading expert at the VELUX Group on sustainable living in buildings, the American certification system is a way to ensure the quality of the building 

“The certification is based on five categories, which is about location, water consumption, energy consumption, materials and resources as well as the indoor climate”, says Lone Feifer. 

One of these parameters involves the volume of daylight in the building, an effect, which can be difficult to predict. 

“To help document the effect, we have developed a number of VELUX Building Simulation Tools, which can be used to simulate the impact of VELUX Modular Skylights. It’s important, because it is this form of simulating daylight, energy and indoor climate that in the end will document the significance of our modules.”

Michael Gøtz, project manager, Siemens Real-Estate, Denmark

"We know this building ticks all the right boxes to score gold – and that by a significant margin.

Michael Gøtz,Project Manager, Siemens Real-Estate, Denmark

"These new modular units put VELUX in a different league. It’s a significant change.

Lone Feifer, Programme Director of Sustainable Living in Buildings, The VELUX Group

Lone Feifer, programme Director of Sustainable Living in Building, The VELUX Group
Siemens Headquater, Denmark

Facts about the project

The planning phase 

  • Planning began in 2011.
  • Materials were delivered starting from November 1st, 2013
  • Installation was completed November 16th

Parties involved in the project

  • The construction group included the building owner PenSam Liv & Pension, architects from Arkitema Architects A/S, KPC København A/S as main contractor, build consultants from Midtconsult A/S, representatives from Siemens A/S and a group ofVELUX technicians.
  • KPC København A/S led the building project.

The solution

  • Six ridgelights, each measuring 17 meters in length, in atrium configuration.
  • 228 fixed modular skylights of 900 mm x 2200 mm.
  • All modules have integrated blinds.
  • 32° ridgelight pitch

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