Roskilde Cathedral School

Not just educational illumination

Roskilde Cathedral School expands and opens up

After having experienced increasing space problems over a number of years, Roskilde Cathedral School finally had enough. Roskilde’s largest upper-secondary school could no longer offer its 1,340 students and staff an inspiring and attractive teaching and study environment. Its buildings were simply too small and outdated.

In 2011 the school’s management and board approved a major renovation project that would alter the school’s construction and expand the floor space by up to 2,500 m2. The project involved constructing several new buildings, including an expansion of the canteen and a new teaching section. It was decided to install VELUX Modular Skylights in a ridgelight configuration in both of these areas – a decision that has made a clear difference in the historic Cathedral school.

A school undergoing change

With a history that stretches as far back as 980, Roskilde Cathedral School has seen it all through the centuries. In 1969, the school moved from its premises in the town centre to larger buildings south of the town, but last year it was decided that the school had outgrown these premises. Christian Blands is the school’s vice principal and the developer representative for the major building project. He is pleased with the solutions that are now in place, not least the new VELUX Modular Skylights.

“They’ve been installed in common areas, where they create a fantastic atmosphere. The light cheers you up while you’re walking to wherever you’re going. It puts you in a good mood”, says Christian Blands.The vice principal is referring especially to the 800m2 canteen, which was given a new extension shortly after the summer break. A large VELUX ridgelight application extending across the room marks a clear distinction between the new space and old spaces. Daylight dominates in the new area – an effect that the school has quickly managed to make the most of.

Principal Claus Niller (left) and Vice Principal Christian Blands

"The school opens up to the heavens, just like a Cathedral school should!

Claus Niller, Principal

"These new modular units put VELUX in a different league. It’s a significant change.

Mads Stenbæk Jakobsen, Architect

Architect Mads Stenbæk Jacobsen, Partner, Architect, Sweco Architects
Teacher Birgitte Thestrup has noticed that daylight has a special effect on the teaching

Facts about the project

The planning phase 

  • The planning of the VELUX Modular Skylights started in August 2011. 
  • The contract was awarded in March 2012 
  • The fitting was carried out on 9 March and 16 April 2012 

Parties involved in the project 

  • The construction group consists of Sweco Architects, Elindco Construction

Company, developer representatives from Roskilde Cathedral School, as well as representatives from the VELUX Group 

The solution

  • Two ridgelights with a 5° slope
  • 36 and 14 modules respectively, of which 16 and 8 can be opened electrically
  • All modules measure 1000 x 1800 mm

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