Longlight 5-25˚

A single series of Modular Skylights

The VELUX longlight 5-25° solution is a single series of Modular Skylights that provides stunning lighting conditions to larger rooms, corridors and hallways. With its characteristic low-pitch design, the longlight fits right at

home on flat roofs and other areas where a subtle expression is preferred. The longlight flashing allows for configurations with pitches between 5° and 25°.

VELUX Longlight 5-25 degrees

Sleek exterior profile

Let the light in with the VELUX Longlight

Let the light in

VELUX Longlight in St. Francis Church in England

St Francis Catholic and Church of England Primary School, Isle of Wight, Great Britain.

Modules of 800 x 1200 mm with roller blinds in function.

VELUX Longlight Schulzentrum cafeteria in Germany

Schulzentrum Carl von Ossietzky, Bremerhaven, Germany

Installation of 8 modules in cafeteria.

Longlight modules in Danish office building.

Ventilation and sunscreening provides a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Modules of 750 x 1800 mm in Danish office building.

Longlight modules in sloped roof

SALUS Haus, Bruckmühl, Germany.

64 modules installed in a sloped roof.

Longlights in University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

367 modules installed in University of Southern Denmark.

All modules are installed with pre-mounted roller blinds for fast and safe installation.

Longlights in Self Regional Healthcare in Greenwood, USA

Self Regional Healthcare, Greenwood, USA.

26 modules provides stunning lighting conditions in hospital.

Longlights in the hallway of a hospital building

Krankenhaus Wuppertal, Germany.

30 modules of 1000 x 1600 mm installed in the hallway of the hospital building.

Longlights in multi sports centre in Copenhagen, Denmark

Multi sports centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Modular skylights installed with functions of ventilation and sunscreening allows the combination of indoor activities, daylight and fresh air.

VELUX Longlight 5-25° features

The bottom bracket of the VELUX longlight is made of galvanized low carbon steel
Pre-fabricated flashings ensure a high quality finish and fast installation
Cladding creates a watertight connection between the sash and frame

The benefits of Modular Skylights

Faster and more flexible installation