Everything you need to install two roof windows side-by-side

Two roof windows side-by-side

VELUX Side-by-side solution

Trouble-free installation every time

Our designers use precision engineering to develop the installation products that make the process logical, complete, and trouble-free.

Everything you need

All-in-one installation pack for a high-quality side-by-side installation.

A beautiful end-result

No wall in between the roof windows as with a standard combination installation. The two roof windows become one unit.

Side-by-side Installation Pack

The new side-by-side installation pack includes everything you need for a trouble-free installation of two VELUX roof windows. Every part is designed to fit any size or type of roof window and provide a durable, reliable side-by-side installation. The new installation pack also includes a new flat click-on cover plate which reduces the amount of wall between the roof windows and provides the room with a beautiful end result.

Download guide: EK- 4021E

Download guide: EB- 4021B 

installer pack

Package contents

The VELUX Side-by-side solution comes complete with everything you need to create a perfect installation. The all-in-one solution is available with 18mm and 100mm frame distance between the two roof windows. The 100mm solution allows for the installation of exterior VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters.

The Side-by-Side Installation Pack EK- 4021E* or EB- 4021B* includes:

  • Flashing
  • Bearing beams
  • BDX - Insulation collar
  • BFX - Underfelt collar
  • Click-on cover plate for frame gap between the roof windows

*Installation packs are denoted with code 4021. Where 4021B = 18mm gap, 4021E = 100mm gap.