Super sound insulation

Turn your dream of a nice, peaceful sleep into reality. Choose super sound insulating VELUX roof windows if you live near a highway, an airport or any other loud area – and reduce sound by up to 50% (compared to a standard VELUX roof window).

The VELUX team of acoustic specialists has developed a roof window that reduces the sound of rainfall by Rw 7 dB (a halving of the noise to the human ear) and sound in general by Rw 42 dB (compared to a standard VELUX roof window).


  • Extreme sound insulation - Rw 42 dB according to EN ISO 717-1
  • Rain noise reduction
  • Extra heat insulation
  • A clear view with anti-dew coating on outer glass pane that reduces dew accumulation
  • Available in centre-pivot or top-hung operation

Extra energy efficiency 

This window comes with advanced triple glazing that provides extreme sound and heat insulation. You will experience a quieter, warmer home and lower energy bills.

You can hear but not see the difference 

The combination of laminated and extra thick glass helps provide better sound insulation. A specially designed frame, sash constructions and a vibration damping foil deliver a difference that you can hear immediately. But the window - whether in pine or maintenance-free finish – looks and operates just like any other VELUX roof window.

Background ventilation  

The window is operated as a standard centre-pivot or top-hung roof window but without the background ventilation. This window is filled with extra insulation to maximise sound properties. To enjoy fresh air, the window must be opened.

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