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Modular skylights are available as Longlights. Download the brochure for information on the packages that we offer.

We’ve prepared a wide range of convenient installation packages to meet the needs of your project. Find the module size, number of modules and preferred glazing option.

Download the brochure for full price list, sizes and packages available.

Longlight modules (fixed and venting) with flashing and cladding

Vapour barrier
connection strip
Remote control  Power supply
and control unit 
Rain and wind
sensor unit 

BBX KLR 200 KLC 400 KLA S105

Types of modules

Fixed skylight module (HFC)

Venting skylight modules(HVC)

Motorized comfort ventilation (Opening up to 410 mm).

Types of blinds

Roller blind

The internal roller blinds offer protection from heat and glare, and are available in three stylish colours. The fabric is colourfast and durable for a long-lifetime. Roller blinds must be ordered separately

Types of panes and U-values

Double-glazing unit

Uw=1.4 W/(m2K)

Triple-glazing unit

Uw=1.0 W/(m2K)


When you invest in Modular Skylights, we want you to feel confident about your choice. That is why we support all Modular Skylights with a 10-year guarantee. Blinds, actuators and other electrical components that are a part of the modular system come with a 3-year guarantee. All warranties are subject to correct installation and usage.

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