Designed for architecture

– Engineered for performance

Modular Skylights are designed to blend into their surroundings. They provide increased levels of natural light without disturbing the aesthetics of the homes that they’re installed in.
Not only do they look good, they perform good as well. They’re created from innovative materials that have been tested to create the optimal indoor climate for your home.

Energy efficient material

Our innovative glass fibre composite material offers an incredible level of energy efficiency. U-values are lowered to 1.4 with double-glazing units and 0.89 with triple-glazing units.

Tried and tested 

All module designs undergo extreme testing to ensure optimal performance including tests for fire resistance, sound insulation, wind loads, torrential rains, solar heating and ice formation.

Optimal indoor climate 

The combination of the intelligent design, high performing energy efficient material and venting options help you ensure an optimal indoor climate