More breathing space and indoor comfort

Natural daylight and fresh air are two of the most important factors in a comfortable indoor climate. Modular Skylights let you get more light and fresh air in your home by opening otherwise closed areas of the ceiling in your living room, kitchen or hallways.
This increase of light can open larger living spaces, provide functional light for work surfaces and dining areas, and breathe life into otherwise dark hallways. Ventilation and sun screening can also boost your indoor comfort by helping to keep temperatures stable and comfortable.

Open up your roof

Modular Skylights are specially designed to bring natural light into modern flat roof homes. The modular system can be seamlessly integrated into your homes existing design, or specified into a new design during the planning stages.

Optimal indoor comfort

The hidden actuator opens and closes the unit via the remote control. You can even pre-programme the rooflights to open at specific times of the day so you always have an optimal indoor climate.

Sun and heat protection

Roller blinds protect from the sun’s rays during the day and can provide privacy and shield from ambient light during the night.