Multi roof window bundles for lofts

From £1,119 excl VAT

Installing VELUX roof windows in your loft conversion will add natural ventilation, turning a previously dark space into a comfortable, healthy room. Adding multiple roof windows maximises the amount of daylight and adds that wow factor to your loft. Our multi roof window bundles provide you with the ideal solution for ordering three VELUX roof windows for this space, with ease.

What's included?

  • Flashings - marries the roof window to the roofing material
  • Installation products - Ensures a well-insulated and weather-tight installation
  • TOP-HUNG WHITE PAINTED ROOF WINDOWS - ideal for when the roof window is within reach, to make the most of your view and to create a feeling of extra space. Maintenance-free white polyurethane internal finish is also available


  • CENTRE-PIVOT WHITE PAINTED ROOF WINDOWS - ideal for when the roof window is set higher in the roof pitch or above furniture. Maintenance-free white polyurethane finish also available.

Single roof window bundles for lofts

From £408 excl. VAT

Light is a big consideration for bedrooms. On the one hand you want a bright and airy room, but most people like a darker room for a good night's sleep, so this bundle combines a blackout blind with your choice of roof window.

What's included?

  • Flashing
  • Installation products 
  • Top-hung white-painted roof window OR centre-pivot white-painted roof window
  • Blackout blind OR duo blackout blind


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