Venetian blinds

From £76.00

Moisture resistant - perfect for humid rooms

Recommended for room type:
  • Privacy and light control
  • Cordless operation 
  • Moisture resistant and easy to clean

The low-maintenance, moisture-resistant VELUX Venetian blinds easy-to-clean and come in 9 different colours. Our Venetian blinds are a great choice for kitchen extensions or bathrooms. The unique design eliminates unsightly hanging cords. Simply tilt the slats in any direction to adjust the angle and amount of incoming light.

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Whatever your style, there’s a blind to match

Available in 9 classic colours. 

The slats on the Venetian blinds are all 35 mm wide and made of lacquered aluminium.

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Manually operated blinds are perfect for roof windows within reach. You operate the blind by pulling down the control bar. Top and side channels ensure a smooth operation and enables you to position the blind anywhere in the window

Manual operation with control bar

Manually operated Venetian blinds are very easy to use. Unlike traditional venetian blinds, the VELUX Venetian blind is cordless. You therefore adjust the blind using a control bar attached to the bottom of the blind. Simply grab the control bar and raise or lower the blind as you please. To tilt the slats and adjust the direction of incoming light simply slide the tilting grip in the right hand side rail up or down. The tilting grip can be positioned anywhere along the side rail.

To ease the operation of a manually operated blind with control bar, you can also purchase rod controls, rod extension pieces and rod adaptors.

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Installation instructions


Easy installation with the VELUX Pick&Click!™ system

Our pre-installed patented mounting brackets come as standard on every VELUX roof window – and they fit any of our VELUX blinds making installation hassle-free. Installation instructions will be included when you purchase a blind.

Installation instructions

The PDFs are detailed, illustrative instructions that carefully takes you trough every single step in the installation process. To be able to read a PDF file you need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. The tool is free and can be downloaded from Adobe for free.

VELUX Venetian blind - manually operated
VELUX Venetian blind - with remote control and electrically powered

Increase comfort by combining your VELUX Venetian blind with…

Combine the VELUX Venetian blinds with VELUX awning blinds and roller shutters for additional heat protection and VELUX insect screens for an insect-free environment - even when your window is open.

Attention! Please note that electrically operated and solar powered blinds cannot be combined.

Awning blinds

  • Heat protection
  • Transparent fabric
  • Installs from the inside

The exterior VELUX awning blind blocks the sun’s rays before they hit your window pane and reduces passive heating by up to 72%*. It helps keep your room comfortable on a warm, sunny day. Awning blinds are transparent, so you can still enjoy your view.

Roller shutters

  • Heat protection
  • Total blackout
  • Insulation and noise reduction

Perfect for any climate or time of year, the exterior VELUX roller shutter prevents your room from getting too hot in the summer, keeps it warm in the winter and enables you to completely block out all light from the room at any time of the day.


Insect screens

  • 100% insect protection
  • Durable, transparent fabric
  • Does not obstruct your view

The VELUX insect screen lets you enjoy fresh air – without any insects. It is simple to operate and fits any VELUX roof window. The insect screen stows neatly away in the slim aluminium top casing when not in use.


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