Blinds and roller shutters

Blinds for flat roof windows

Pleated blinds for flat roof windows

  • Softly diffuses daylight
  • Decorative
  • Convenient remote control operation

Perfect for softening incoming daylight and adding a decorative touch, pleated blinds are easy to open and close with our handy remote control. They are io-homecontrol compatible and come in three colours.


Awning blinds for flat roof windows

  • Effective heat protection
  • Solar powered
  • Easy installation - no wiring

Installed between the window and the dome, transparent awning blinds keep temperatures comfortable by filtering the strong rays of the sun before they heat up your window pane. These solar-powered screens are operated by remote control and are io-homecontrol® compatible. VELUX awning blinds for flat roof windows are simple to install from inside your home.