Quality light to work in

"Every single day, it's wonderful to walk up to this room. That is because of the light, the indoor climate, the wood and the things we have surrounded ourselves with."

Søren Rose, designer and owner of Søren Rose Studio, sits in his Danish design studio in an old mansion in Hellerup. The ground floor and first floor function are the family's private residence, while the loft space houses the design studio. Here, he and his team of interior designers and product designers devise the layouts of businesses, hotels, restaurants, and private residences for which Søren Rose Studio is famed. The team also design furniture, lamps and much more – often starting with a specific interior design task.

"We are Scandinavian minimalists with a great feel for the materials," says Søren Rose. "You can see that in this beautiful room, almost 100 square metres in size, where the brick, the Dinesen decking and the VELUX roof windows make the room. We also have an office in New York. When designing in the USA, we combine our clean, Nordic style with raw industrial grit."


Natural light is a luxury

He explains how 12 VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, three manual VELUX roof windows and one VELUX roof terrace were used in the design of the loft space in Hellerup.

"The light was the driving force behind the entire design, because it was a beautiful room, but it was dark and cheerless. VELUX roof windows are fantastic building blocks with which to create space, because you can open part of the roof up to the sky. And these are building blocks that are very, very easy to understand. It's just a matter of how much light you want to bring in, and where you want it. We created morning light and we created afternoon light. We brought light in, and we created outdoor space," says Søren Rose. He adds:

"A design studio is perhaps the place where you need the best light of all. When we sit and design our bits and pieces, there is no greater luxury than being bathed in natural light."

Ovenlys i Søren Rose Studio

Automatically controlled light and fresh air

Something else that is natural is the ventilation. VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows are equipped with VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control, where intelligent sensors constantly monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 in the room, opening or closing the roof windows and controlling the sun shade.

"When the roof windows open automatically, everyone thinks, 'Oh, how lovely'," says Søren Rose. "The self-regulating solution is completely in line with our design philosophy, because it creates a better indoor climate, a better work environment and is part of the overall experience of the space, with light, fresh air, plants, furniture and skilled people."

Double roof windows offer a view and extra light coming in

The positioning of the roof windows is well thought out. As Søren Rose puts it, a minimalist could be drawn to symmetrical placement, with the same number of windows on each side. Instead, the placement of five x two roof windows on one side and two x two roof windows on the other side provides flexibility, making it easy to lay out the space and use it for purposes other than a design studio later on. And the placement of the roof windows above one another both opens up a view (from hip height) and brings in light from above.

"The wooden beams are beautiful and evocative, but when there is a roof ridge, beams tend to divide the space into 'above' and 'below', and if there is not sufficient light above the beams, they end up being perceived as the ceiling. With our placement of the roof windows, natural light comes down onto the beams, so that this division dissipates and the space is perceived as high instead of flat. It also produces additional rooflight play in the space," explains Søren Rose.

Benefits of VELUX roof windows

1. Good work light - in Søren Rose's design studio, the roof windows create optimal light for working. 

2. Healthy indoor climate - 
VELUX ACTIVE ensures that air is well-circulated and replaced. A good indoor climate improves productivity.

3. A feeling of more space -
the daylight above the wooden beams results in a wonderful feeling of spaciousness. In this case, giving the ceiling height a sense of being doubled.