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Improve your indoor climate with the new VELUX Dome

Brighten up your work space and improve wellbeing and productivity for you and your colleagues. With VELUX Dome windows, you can enjoy the benefits of natural daylight and fresh air in your building.

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Save electricity

Save electricity

Easy to install Sort alt

Easy to install

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“Our working conditions have improved tremendously”

- Niels “Ur” Larsen

It’s well known that using daylight as a primary source of lighting improves productivity, performance and well-being, particularly in the workplace. See how Niels Ur Bilcentrum, a car repair garage, improved their indoor climate and working conditions by installing a VELUX Dome.

Reduce electricity use and improve wellbeing

Using natural light instead of electrical lighting has been shown to create electricity savings of between 20 and 60% based on studies carried out in office buildings. In addition to energy savings, exposure to light has also been shown to be important for workers’ mental and physical well-being.

Mechanic working

Easy to replace or upgrade

VELUX Dome replacement products make it simple to replace or upgrade your dome. For example, replace a third-party dome using the VELUX replacement frame or upgrade your VELUX dome to a ventilated version.

Replacement frame

VELUX replacement frame
An easy and quick solution for replacement purposes and with no need for installing a new base unit. Fits all our VELUX Dome top units.

Replacement kit for ventilation

VELUX replacement kit
Turn your fixed dome solution into ventilated with this replacement kit. Combine with Replacement frame to upgrade third party domes to ventilated.

Other products

VELUX Dome with glazing

Dome with glazing

For offices or other inhabited rooms, the VELUX Dome with glazing is recommended due to greater energy efficient and comfort.
VELUX smoke vent with glazing

Smoke vent with glazing

This VELUX Dome is perfect for stairwells and annex connections that need to meet fire safety requirements while providing comfort for the building’s users.

A trusted products


VELUX domes and roof windows are renowned for their high quality and durability.
Our commitment to you continues beyond installation and all VELUX windows and domes are covered by the VELUX 10-year guarantee.

Easy to install Tools

Easy to install

Improved packaging

Improved packaging

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

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Time-saving and seamless installation

Installing a VELUX Dome or replacing a third-party unit is simple and efficient from start to finish. Installing the dome and the new lining can be done in one smooth process, with no need to wait between steps. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

New improved packaging and fast delivery

All VELUX Dome products arrive quickly and securely packaged in cardboard boxes. This makes handling the products easy and safe for installers and dealers.

New improved packaging

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