VELUX flat roof windows - light and fresh air in flat roof buildings

The new VELUX flat glass rooflight

VELUX fixed flat roof window

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Fixed flat roof windows

VELUX vented flat roof windows

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VELUX vented flat roof windows

VELUX vented flat roof windows

VELUX vented flat roof window combines daylight with fresh air. It lets you ventilate when needed and is perfect for offices, clinics, workshops and other environments where daylight and fresh air are required. The flat glass rooflight is ideal for new installations or as replacement for existing domes.

VELUX vented flat roof window is available with electrical operation.

The double-glazed units has a laminated inner pane for additional safety.

Available in eight sizes.

Product code  Price 
CVP 060060 S06Q  £938.00
CVP 060090 S06Q  £977.00 
CVP 080080 S06Q  £1008.00 
CVP 090090 S06Q  £1,100.00 
CVP 090120 S06Q  £1,209.00 
CVP 100100 S06Q  £1,162.00 
CVP 100150 S06Q  £1,378.00 
CVP 120120 S06Q  £1,332.00 

Excellent rain noise reduction

All VELUX flat roof windows provide excellent rain noise reduction. The special structure of the doubles-glazed low-energy pane and the outer 4 mm hardened glass pane reduces noise considerably. Together they provide protection from rain and hail noise as well as aircraft and traffic noise, and other disturbances.

1 - Glass pane

  • 4 mm toughened glass pane
  • provides significant rain noise reduction and excellent sound insulation
  • protects the insulating glass unit
  • easy-to-clean coating
2 - Aluminium sash

  • 1.5 mm extruded aluminium profiles
  • colour: grey same colour as VELUX roof windows: NCS standard colour: S 7500-N, Nearest RAL st
  • maintenance free

3 - Silk screen print

  • Silk screen print burned into the glass
  • colour: black
  • maintenance-free

4 - Screw holes for installation

  • aluminium profiles are easily fitted with screws
  • gasket, screws and brackets for installation are supplied with the products

Much more than just a window

Flat roof windows can dramatically change a room. They’re the fastest way to add natural light, ventilation and the feeling of openness to your under roof spaces. The impact in terms of daylight and fresh air is stunning.