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Blackout Blinds (DKL)


*2 day delivery applies to selected blackout blinds only
VELUX Blackout Blinds provide the best total darkness for both night and day. Perfect for afternoon naps and those lighter summer nights, Blackout blinds are ideal for installing in bedrooms.

They'll keep you comfortable too. Each blind features an aluminium foil that reflects heat from the sun in summer whilst retaining heat in the winter.

Product features:

  • New slimline design.
  • Two day delivery for specific window types and sizes.
  • Designer range available from award-winning designer Karim Rashid.
  • Comes with aluminium backing as standard.
  • Reduces heat gain and heat loss.
  • Aluminium side channels prevent light from passing around the side of the blind.
  • Blind can be positioned at any point on the window.

Prices starting from £74.40 (inc. VAT from 1st Feb 2013)




Electrical operation


Windows out of reach? Our range of electric blinds allow you to control the light at the touch of a button.

How to find your window code:


Finding your window code