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Mist between the panes

Punctured window

Are your windows clouding?

Even though VELUX roof window panes are of a very high quality, an original VELUX pane will still deteriorate through time. 
If the glazing unit has deteriorated, it should always be replaced.
When the glazing unit has deteriorated, the level of insulation is considerably lower than with a new, low-energy pane.

Keeping the warmth inside
This results in increased heat loss through the pane, which will partly result in higher heating costs and also in you experiencing a sensation of draught from the window in the form of down-draught from the pane. It is relatively easy to ascertain if a glazing unit has deteriorated, if the pane seems dim and you can see unmistakable humidity between the layers of glass. Try turning the sash around to the cleaning position - you will often be able to see water drops run between the layers of the glass. This shows that humid atmospheric air has penetrated the space between the panes.

Today, the normal procedure is to replace your broken down insulating glass units by modern low-energy panes. As mentioned, a low-energy pane will result in significantly reduced heating costs and a better indoor climate by keeping the warmth inside a room during the winter and outside during summer.

Servicing your window
If you are replacing your glazing unit we would also recommend servicing your window using our Maintenance Kit.

Maintenance Kit
Maintenance Kit