Below are some of the most common questions received by our Service Department.


Is installation of VELUX roof windows possible at any roof pitch?

Yes. Centre-Pivot Roof Windows are designed to be installed on a roof pitch from 15°-90°, depending on the roofing material and flashing selected. Top-Hung Roof Windows are designed to be installed on a roof pitch from 15°-75° (55°-75° with the use of special springs), again depending on the roofing material and flashing selected. VELUX also offer a range of flat roof solutions which can be installed on roofs with a pitch from 0°-15°.

Can I operate a VELUX roof window electrically?

Yes. VELUX has introduced the first complete electrical all-in-one roof window – INTEGRA. The window comes with a complete electrical system for easy and fast installation.
If you already have a manually operated VELUX roof window installed, you can still install the VELUX KMX conversion kit to convert your window to electrical operation. For further details, please contact VELUX.
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Is installation the same regardless of the roofing material?
No, you have to be aware of the different kinds of roof materials. VELUX flashings are compatible with virtually any type of roofing material from standard covers such as slate and tile, to corrugated sheeting or even thatch. There are also different VELUX flashings to allow either a standard or recessed installation into the various roofing materials.
Can I install a VELUX blind myself?
Yes. VELUX blinds are all designed to fit VELUX roof windows and can be installed in a matter of a few minutes. Most windows come with pre-fitted brackets to assist with the installation. However, if your window does not have these brackets, and you are ordering a new blind, the brackets will be included with the blind. 

The brackets are also available to purchase as a spare part. If you wish to order these brackets, please contact VELUX.

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How do I measure my roof pitch?

The most accurate method is by using a roof pitch indicator placed on the roof itself. This gives an accurate reading of the degree of roof slope (a roof pitch indicator can be purchased at local building supply stores or there are smart phone apps that can be downloaded). The alternative is to measure the rise over the run or the Slope of a line. There are Pitch Calculators available on line to help you find this measurement.

For further information please contact VELUX directly.



How can I reduce the noise from the outside, such as traffic or overhead planes?
Enjoy peace and quiet by upgrading to a window pane with extra sound insulation. These panes also have the advantage of additional safety with a laminated inner pane.

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My room lets in too much light or gets too hot in summer, what can I do?

Having a VELUX Blackout blind fitted effectively turns day into night. VELUX Blackout blinds have a special aluminium backing designed to reduce excessive heat build up in summer and retain warmth in the winter. VELUX blinds are available in a wide range of styles and colours. VELUX also offer Awning Blinds which are fitted externally and will reduce heat entering the room. Awning blinds can be fitted along with internal blinds or on their own.

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How do I service my VELUX window?
Depending on appearance and condition, the air filter should be cleaned or renewed every year. Rotate the sash fully and secure by engaging the sash barrel bolt into the bushing at the bottom left hand corner of the frame. Remove the air filter from the filter rail. The air filter can be washed in ordinary household detergent and hot water.
You can also get a new air filter in the VELUX Maintenance Kit. The Maintenance Kit includes everything you need to make changing filters and lubricating fittings simple. Ideally, you'll lubricate your roof window fittings and closing mechanisms once a year. And you can also change the ventilation filter and gasket  - just make sure the window opens and closes properly once you are done. We recommend applying primer and varnish to VELUX timber roof windows regularly - at least once every four years. Regular household cleaning fluid is all it takes to care for our polyurethane roof windows, but if one gets scratched, simply use our filler and repair paint to restore it to its former glory.
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What can I do about clouding/fogging between the panes of glass?
Clouding of an insulating glass unit occurs when there is a break in the inner seal, and as a result condensation forms between the two panes. If you encounter a problem with the seal of your glass, then read the serial number off the roof window and contact VELUX - we will be very happy to help you determine the status of your product warranty, and what action can be taken to correct the issue with the seal.
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Where can I find blinds for my roof windows?
You can see a full range of blinds and colours in our online Blinds Shop.

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What can I do about condensation on the outside of my window?
Condensation on the outside of the pane may occur for short periods on modern low energy panes. This is not due to defective panes. On the contrary, it is the natural consequence of the high insulation level of modern panes, as they do not allow the heat of the building to pass through the pane and warm the outside of the glass. 
The data plate on my window is not longer there, how can I tell what size it is?
If you can provide the visible glass size (width x height) in millimetres we can match that with one of our window sizes. Please contact us.
How do I open/close my out of reach VELUX Roof Window?

For Centre Pivot windows we recommend the use of the ZCT 200 Rod Control.  This Rod Control is extendable from 100-180cm and can be used in conjunction with the ZCT 100 which is a 100cm extention for this Rod Control.

For use on Top Hung windows we recommend the use of the ZCZ 112 which is a 100cm Rod Control. This is not extendable as we would recommend Top Hung windows to be installed at a lower level.

For more information about planning with VELUX Roof Windows please read Choosing the Right Products.

How do I open/close my out of reach VELUX blind?

We recommend the use of the ZCT 200 Rod Control and the ZOZ 085 Rod Adaptor if you have a manual blind already installed. This Rod Control is extendable from 100-180cm and can be used in conjunction with the ZCT 100 extension which is 100cm. To enable the correct use of the ZCT 200 on the blind we would also recommend the use of the ZOZ 085 Rod Adaptor which would be fitted to your blind to allow easy use.

Alternatively if you are in the process of purchasing a new blind for your out of reach VELUX window we would recommend the Solar option which comes with a battery operated remote control.

For further information on all of our blinds and accessories please visit VELUX Blind Shop contact VELUX directly.



What do I do about clouding/fogging between the panes of glass?
Clouding of an insulating glass unit occurs when there is a break in the inner seal, and as a result condensation forms between the two panes. If you encounter a problem with the seal of your glass, copy the serial number off the roof window and contact VELUX - we will be happy to help you determine if your product warranty is still valid and what action can be taken to correct the problem with the seal.

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The sash suddenly locks - what can I do?
Apply grease to the hinges. Raise the sash while rotating to 180 degrees. Afterwards, apply non-acid grease to hinges and fittings - then close the roof window.

You can get the grease from VELUX in one of our Maintenance Kits.

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Electrical products

How do I install VELUX electrical products?

VELUX INTEGRA electric Roof Windows are installed in the same way as standard VELUX Roof Windows. They come with pre-installed hidden motor, ready to just plug into a power supply, removing the need for linking of products with cables, changing settings, etc.

All VELUX instructions provide detailed information about the installation of the products.

I already have a VELUX roof window and would like to obtain all the benefits of the INTEGRA roof window, what should I buy?

You should choose the electrical conversion kit KMX or solar powered conversion kit KSX giving you all the same functions as the INTEGRA roof window. The electrical conversion kit KMX is currently only available for windows manufactured before February 2014.

Both the KMX and KSX kits are available for pivot-hung windows only.

What types of products come with a rain sensor?
The electric and solar Roof Windows GGL/GGU INTEGRA, electrical conversion kits KMX 100 and solar conversion kits KSX 100 come with a rain sensor as standard to ensure that your electrical roof windows automatically close when it rains.
How many electrical products can be controlled by a VELUX remote control with display?
A VELUX remote control with display can operate up to 200 products in total.

Products can be controlled individually or all at once from anywhere in the house.
I only need a single electrical function, e.g. an electrical blind, what should I buy?

The single function control system KUX 100 is recommended for simple operation of a single electrical product, e.g. an electrical blind.

VELUX also offer Remote Controlled Solar blinds. These blinds are battery operated and controlled via a handy remote control. However, the batteries are recharged by solar power so you don't have to keep changing them.

Can I add an electrical blind or shutter to my INTEGRA window or the electrical conversion kit at a later occasion?
Yes, all VELUX electrical blinds and shutters are prepared for easy fitting on the INTEGRA window.

Your original remote control will automatically register the new additions and add them to the overall menu in a few seconds. Once the additions have been made, you can start using them.
Can I install more than one electric roof window at a time?
Yes, all electric roof windows are installed like manual roof windows.

After the installation has been carried out, you can register all windows in one remote control, or each window in individual remote controls.

Smoke ventilation

Are VELUX smoke ventilation windows available in different sizes and variants?
  • Two different standard systems are available providing 1m² ventilation area or 1.5m² ventilation area. Other options are available on request.
  • A choice can be made between pinewood finish or white polyurethane finish
Is it possible to connect the VELUX system to external alarm systems?
  • Yes: The VELUX smoke ventilation system can be controlled by an external alarm system
  • A module for connection to external alarm systems is delivered with the all-inclusive control system package
Can VELUX smoke ventilation windows be used in flat roofs?
  • The smoke ventilation windows can be installed in roofs with pitches between 15 and 60°
  • In flat roofs 0-15°, the CSP Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation window can be used.