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Flat Roof Solutions

Thinking about opening up the flat roof above your living room, kitchen or hallway? VELUX Flat Roof products are suitable for all room types, and combine practicality and aesthetics wherever you install them. From superb design, keeping out the elements or remote-controlled functions, VELUX Flat Roof products enable daylight and fresh air to enter your home.

The VELUX Flat Roof products can be used both for new installations or as a replacement to existing dome products.



New Flat Roof Windows

  • Open or fixed version
  • Remote control opening of window and blinds (optional)
  • Built-in rain sensor automatically shuts your window when it rains (on INTEGRA® electric version)
  • Energy efficient - ensures a warm and comfortable indoor climate
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Designed to last - a genuine VELUX quality product


Flat Roof Kerb Option

  • Flexibility to select the most appropriate type of window
  • Remote control opening of the window (optional)
  • Remote controlled blinds and shutter (optional)  
  • Designed to last - a genuine VELUX quality product