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Top-Hung Pine Finish (GPL)

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Our Top-Hung GPL Roof Windows come with a natural pine finish. Opening to any position up to 45o, they are ideal at creating extra headroom, a feeling of increased space, and panoramic views. 

These windows are designed to be used in rooms where the bottom handle can be easily reached for operation.

Product features:
Opens up to 45°. They offer uninterrupted views and help to create a feeling of space when opened. 

  • Powerful, yet gentle springs allow for easy opening and closing.
  • Bottom handle for convenient opening.
  • The window rotates 180º and locks in place for easy cleaning of outer pane.
  • Can be used for emergency escape. Due to the unrestricted opening area, most Top-Hung windows are suitable for fire escape purposes.
  • Warmth of natural pine with long lasting triple coat finish.

Prices starting from £308.00 (ex. VAT from 1st Feb 2014)



45 degree opening Operation 
Windows stay open to any position up to 45o. The bottom handle allows for easy operation.

Ventilation flap
Our unique ventilation flap allows background ventilation even with the window securely closed.

Pine finish Natural pine finish
Warmth of natural pine with long lasting triple coat finish. A white polyurethane finish is also available.
Case study Case study
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Glazing options


50-pane130x130.jpg 70-pane-130x130.jpg 60-pane-130x130.jpg 66-pane-130x130.jpg

--50 pane

A cost effective glazing option providing high solar gain.

--70 pane

Laminated inner pane for safety.

--60 pane

Laminated inner pane for safety with easy to clean coating for ease of cleaning, plus greater energy efficiency and enhanced noise reduction.  

--66 pane

A triple glazed unit that offers an excellent level of thermal insulation. East to clean & Anti-dew coating.


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