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Blinds and Accessories We want to make sure your VELUX Blinds are simple to operate. That's why our range of accessories make our roof windows even more user-friendly.

From handy pole controls for out-of-reach windows, to security locks and opening restrictors, you can be sure there is a solution available for you.

Rod Control

Pole Control

This handy pole allows you to open and close out-of-reach VELUX Roof Windows, or operate your blind.

Rod Adaptor

Pole Adaptor

If you're using a pole to operate your VELUX Blinds, you'll need a pole adaptor to fix to the control bar.

Security Lock

Security Lock

Extra security comes with this simple lock that re-enforces the 'click shut' mechanism at the top of your VELUX Roof Window.

Opening Restrictor with Key

Opening Restrictor with Key

Regulate the extent to which your VELUX Roof Window opens with this easy-to-fit safety catch.