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Installation Products

If you are specifying VELUX Roof Windows, VELUX Installation Products are the natural way to ensure the best energy-efficient installation.

Custom made to fit the roof window, they not only help conform to building regulation requirements, but also save time on site.

Efficient insulation is vital when installing windows, as these thermal images show.

Insulation collar Insulation collar - BDX
To ensure proper insulation between the roof structure and the window frame.
Underfelt collar Underfelt collar - BFX
Ensures a tight connection between the VELUX Roof Window and the roof construction.

Vapour barrier Vapour barrier - BBX
Prevents condensation from forming in the roof structure.
Support trimmer Support trimmers - EBY and EKY
For structural support but also a harmonious internal finish.

Download our guide with further details on installation products